HFD News Desk

EMS Service Level Advancement

The Hartland Fire Department announces the advancement to the EMT – Paramedic level.

It is with great pride and appreciation for all involved, grooming our procedures, educating staff, hiring full-time Paramedics, Public education, researching the need and Village Board and Village Staff approval, Hartland will become a Paramedic service on March 5, 2018 at 00:00:01 hours.

This is a great time for the Village of Hartland and the citizens we serve! This has been a long term goal and is not an easy accomplishment. Many years have been spent building up to this moment. This could not have become a reality, if it wasn’t for the dedicated members, who day after day commit themselves to keeping people safe and answering the call for duty, with an enthusiastic and professional attitude. The Hartland Fire Department members are willing to go the extra step and have committed to providing top notch care to the people we serve.