Naming of Library Facilities

Under Wisconsin State Statute 43.58(1) the Hartland Public Library Board of Trustees shall have the sole responsibility for the naming or renaming of library facilities and/or sub-units of facilities. Naming opportunities may be made available to donor individuals, foundations or corporations that are consistent with the nature and mission of the library. Naming opportunities do not extend beyond the useful life of the spaces or facilities within which they are located. A named area within a facility shall bear a commemorative plaque citing the significant role of the donor or library supporter. The library will provide plaques or other commemorative items.

Naming opportunities within a facility may include such areas as meeting rooms, special use areas, collections, equipment, gardens or other interior or exterior spaces. The Library Director, in consultation with design personnel, will be responsible for determining available donor opportunities and signage for the consideration of the Library Board; as determined by square footage costs of the specific area of interest plus the cost of new equipment or collections.