Program Room and Programming Policy

Meeting Rooms Policy

The Hartland Library has two meeting rooms open to the public available for rental when not in use by the library. To rent a program room, applicants must fill out an application form for approval by library staff. Meeting rooms can only be reserved three months in advance, and no more than 12 times in one calendar year. Patrons must be 18 or older to reserve a meeting room. Meeting rooms may be used for studying when not reserved.


No fee required for non-profit or not-for-profit organizations. Non-profit is defined as an established 501(c)3 or similar community-minded organization.

All Others – Includes Condo Associations and Business use.

  • Ice Age Trail Room: $30 for first two hours, $20 per hour thereafter
  • Bark River Room: $20 for first two hours, $15 per hour thereafter


  • Applications are required three days before reservation date and must be approved by library staff. Applications are available at the reference desk or by email:
  • Reservations are not confirmed until library staff has approved the application. Payment is due the day of the event. Please write check to Village of Hartland.


Anyone using the meeting room is expected to adhere to the following regulations. If a group violates any of the regulations listed herein, the library director or librarian in charge may immediately discontinue use of the meeting room and/or suspend future privileges.

  • Groups must adhere to all library regular rules, regulations, and policies.
  • Rooms are available during library hours of operation only. Meetings should conclude at least 15 minutes before the library closes.
  • No direct profit can be earned from events at the Hartland Public Library: no commercial or money making activities are allowed. There may be no charge for attendees or any required purchase of an item as a condition to attend.
  • Outside food and beverages are allowed.
  • Alcohol is prohibited.
  • Candles/open flames are prohibited.
  • Library staff may enter the room at any time.
  • The library is not responsible for room setup, take-down, or equipment troubleshooting.
  • All advertisements, announcements, and press releases relating to meetings by groups held at the Hartland Public Library must clearly state the meeting is NOT sponsored by the Hartland Public Library. The library, at its discretion, may require groups to provide proof of insurance upon request.
  • Cancellations should be made 24 hours in advance.


For and in consideration of the use of the meeting room and library facilities, and person or group using same hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Hartland Public Library from any and all actions and suits relating to its use of such rooms and facilities. Further, such person or group agrees to reimburse the library for any and all costs for repair of any and all damage as may be caused directly or indirectly to the room and/or facilities by such use thereof. If any organization refuses to pay for the damage, the matter may be referred for legal action.

Policy approved by Library Board 4/15/21, revised 12/9/21.

Programming Policy

A program is a planned interaction between the library staff or outside presenters and the program participants for the purpose of promoting library materials, facilities, or services; as well as offering the community an informational, entertaining, or cultural experience. Programming includes such activities as story times, crafts, summer reading program, book and author discussion groups and special speakers and events. Selection of library program topics, speakers, courses, classes and resource materials will be made by library staff on the basis of the interests and needs of library users and the community. Programs may be targeted to a general audience or be tailored to an age-specific audience. Library programming should not exclude topics, books, speaker, media and other resources because they might be controversial. The library does not conduct programming that is commercial, political or religious in nature.

  • Library programs must be non-commercial. No solicitation for business will be permitted. The library does not advocate or endorse the content and viewpoints of presenters and programs. The sale of products at a library program is not allowed, with the exception of writers, performers and artists who may obtain library approval to sell their own works and items sold by the Friends of the Hartland Library.
  • Because of seating limitations registration may be required for some events. The library reserves the right to limit the attendance at events due to the wishes of the presenter or space limitations. A waiting list may be compiled and efforts will be made to confirm attendance prior to the event or program.
  • Programs may be cancelled for a number of reasons, including severe weather, absence of presenter, or low registration. Cancelled programs are not automatically rescheduled.
  • The library promotes its programming through fliers, the library's website, social media, and local news media. Presenters may not publicize their programs without approval of the library director.

Hartland Library Board Approved 6/15/17