A Haunting on Park Ave II: The Librarian's Revenge

Purple background with a haunting castle and pumpkins and black bats

A Haunting on Park Avenue Part II: The Librarian's Revenge is the second HPL Adult Autumn Reading and Activity Program, which consists of reading goals and autumn activities to get you in the mood for Spooky Season! Running from September 12 - October 31, we will feature both reading and activity-based options this year:

Reading Goals: For each hour that you read and log up to 70 hours, you will receive 1 raffle ticket for the grand prize drawings at the end of the program. Reading a book, magazine, e-materials, newspaper, etc. or listening to an audiobook all count! While we encourage reading spooky stories this time of year, you can log anything you read, regardless of what it's about!

Autumn Activities: Along with reading great books, we've designed ten different activities to help you enter the October Country:

  • Autumn Adventures 2: Return to the October Country
  • Ghoulish Recipes 2: The Graveyard of Garlic
  • The Haunting of Park Avenue 2: Don't Breathe
  • Children of the Corn Maze
  • Final Destinations
  • Oktoberfestering
  • G-Rated Goodies: Horror for All
  • Never Sleep Again 2: Freddy's Coming for You
  • The King of Horror: A Family Affair
  • A Nightmare on Park Avenue 2: The Librarian's Revenge

More information about each activity can be found in the paper booklet describing this activity at the reference desk at the library or on our Beanstack at hartlandlibrary.beanstack.com. You can complete one, several, or all of the activities. After each activity is completed, you will receive 10 raffle tickets that can be used for any of the grand prize drawings at the end of the program. All activities also have additional tasks past the initial completion requirements, allowing you to get even more tickets for the grand prize drawings. The grand prize baskets used in the drawings can be found on our Beanstack or across from the Reference Desk in person. As mentioned previously, besides for the paper booklet, all information, including links to every item listed in the individual activities, can be found on our Beanstack at hartlandlibrary.beanstack.com.

If you are not comfortable using Beanstack, fear not--our staff at the Reference Desk can assist you in filling out a paper version of the needed information. For any related questions, comments, or concerns, please see the Reference Desk staff, give us a call at (262) 367-3350, email us at hplwirefdesk@gmail.com, or head over to our Beanstack website at hartlandlibrary.beanstack.com.