Current Projects

2022 Crack Sealing

The Village’s annual Crack Sealing program will take place on various roadways throughout the Village. A full list and maps of the roadways that will be crack sealed as part of this year’s project can be found at the links below.  If your roadway is planned to be crack sealed, there will be temporary no parking on the roadway 24-hours in advance and during the work on your road. The Village’s Contractor will try to provide as much notification as possible to those affected by the work. Please try to avoid any roadways that are actively being crack sealed to minimize the possibility of accidentally getting tar on your tires. As the contractor progresses, they will spray a solvent on the tar that will make it safe to drive on. Please be patient if you approach a work zone and follow direction given from workers.

Crack Sealing List
Crack Sealing Map - North
Crack Sealing Map - South